Empowering Native Girls Through Stories of Triumph from the Rodeo Arena

Empowering Native Girls Through Stories of Triumph from the Rodeo Arena

In the world of rodeo, Native women are not just participants; they are champions who are setting the stage for young Indigenous girls to follow their dreams. Danielle Lowman, Sonya Dodginghorse, Faith Holyan, and Taliyah Bowman Crook exemplify perseverance, talent, and cultural pride in the rodeo world.

Danielle Lowman and Sonya Dodginghorse: Icons of Indigenous Strength

Danielle Lowman’s breakaway roping achievements and Sonya Dodginghorse’s victory in barrel racing at the INFR showcase their dedication and the rich legacy of Native women in rodeo. Their journeys inspire young girls to embrace their heritage and strive for excellence in all their endeavors.

Faith Holyan: A Rising Star in Breakaway Roping


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Joining these remarkable women is Faith Holyan, the INFR Ladies’ Breakaway Champion, who has proven to be a natural at roping with an impressive 11.54 aggregate on four calves. Her journey from a barrel racer to a breakaway roper demonstrates that transformation and success are within reach with hard work and support.

Taliyah Bowman Crook: A Youthful Champion Inspiring the Next Generation

Taliyah Bowman Crook, a 15-year-old barrel racer from Kingman, captured the world title at the INFR, becoming an emblem of youthful ambition and passion. Her story is a testament to the power of dedication, family support, and the spiritual strength that guides her through competitions.

A Unified Message of Hope and Determination

Together, these women convey a powerful message to young Indigenous girls: your dreams are valid, and your cultural roots are a source of strength. Whether in the rodeo arena or any other field, embracing your identity and working tirelessly towards your goals can lead to remarkable achievements.

An Invitation to Young Native Girls

To all young Native girls inspired by the tales of Danielle, Sonya, Faith, and Taliyah, remember that you, too, can carve your path to success. Let their stories motivate you to pursue your passions, honor your heritage, and become the leader you are destined to be. In the footsteps of these champions, you can reach for the stars, make your mark, and inspire the next generation, just as these outstanding women have done in the rodeo world.


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