The NASP Agenda

The NASP Agenda

Building Strong Native Nations, Honoring Traditions

Welcome to the Native Americans for Sovereignty and Preservation (NASP), where we are dedicated to creating a future that honors our past and empowers our present. Our agenda is a promise to all tribal citizens, a commitment to building a thriving economy that respects our unique cultures and traditions. We believe in the power of self-governance, the importance of education that reflects our languages, cultures, and histories, and the necessity of strengthening our borders to protect our people.

At NASP, we are committed to achieving energy independence, harnessing the power of all our energy sources while respecting our Creator-given lands. We aim to ensure fair and accessible voting, empowering every tribal citizen to have their voice heard. We strive to provide culturally appropriate healthcare for all generations, from working people to youth, elders, and Native veterans. We aim to create safe and secure communities free from violence and discrimination.

We stand against big government corruption, upholding integrity and ensuring transparency and accountability from federal and state administrative authorities. Our mission is to rebuild our Nations from within, guided by our ancestral traditional wisdom and commitment to the future.

The NASP Agenda is a promise for our future:

  • Create a Thriving Economy that Works for All Tribal Citizens: We aim to build an economy – off and on our tribal lands – that respects and incorporates our unique cultures and traditions while providing opportunities for all members of our communities.
  • Reaffirm Our Historic Commitment to Freedom, Equality, and Self-Governance: We will work tirelessly to uphold our inherent rights to self-determination and sovereignty, as recognized by treaties and federal, state, and tribal law.
  • Give Parents More Control Over Their Children’s Education: We aim to ensure that our children receive an education that respects and incorporates our languages, cultures, and histories – all while improving STEM outcomes. 
  • Strengthen Our Borders, Protect Our People: We will work to ensure the safety and security of our communities, addressing issues such as human trafficking and substance abuse that disproportionately affect our people.
  • Defend Life in the Womb: The protection of life is a deeply held belief for many of us. We uphold our cultural values and advocate for the rights of the Unborn.
  • Achieve Energy Independence: We aim to harness the power of all our energy sources, respecting Mother Earth and ensuring a sustainable and affordable future for future generations.
  • Ensure Fair and Accessible Voting: We will work to protect our voting rights and ensure that our voices are heard in all decisions that affect us.
  • Empower All Our Generations in their Healthcare Decisions: We strive to ensure that our people access culturally appropriate healthcare and control their health decisions for our working people, youth, our elders, and our Native veterans.
  • Provide Safe and Secure Communities: We aim to create environments where all Native Americans can live peacefully, free from violence and discrimination.
  • Fight Big Government Corruption by Upholding Integrity: We will work to ensure transparency and accountability from federal and state administrative authorities, respecting the trust placed in us by our people since time immemorial.

We must rebuild our Nations from within, guided by our ancestral traditional wisdom and commitment to the future. 

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Together, we can create a future that respects our past, empowers our present, and promises a thriving future for all tribal citizens. Please stand with us, stand for sovereignty, stand for preservation. Sign up today.

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