NASP is Working to Build Flourishing Native Families

NASP is Working to Build Flourishing Native Families

Our families have always been central to our Native Ways of Knowing, serving as the foundation for our social and economic life. Our family ties are often extended and multigenerational, emphasizing interdependence, mutual support, and respect for elders.

Despite this solid cultural emphasis on family, we, Native American families, have faced numerous challenges throughout history. These challenges include the impact of government overreach, which has often resulted in the separation of our families. As a result, many of our Native American families today face significant difficulties, such as high rates of trauma, broken homes, and limited opportunities.

Nevertheless, we remain resilient and continue to play a critical role in the survival and well-being of our communities. We have developed innovative approaches to healing and recovery, drawing on our traditional cultural practices and the support of our extended family and community networks. These approaches emphasize the importance of community involvement, spiritual and cultural renewal, and strengthening our family ties.

Overall, we, Native American families, face threats due to extreme political agendas. However, our resilience and determination to overcome these challenges are a testament to the strength and vitality of our cultures. Through our commitment to family and community, we, Native people, continue to inspire and challenge our communities to build a more just and inclusive society for all.

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