Protecting Our Voices and The Impact of Illegal Immigration on Tribal Sovereignty

Protecting Our Voices and The Impact of Illegal Immigration on Tribal Sovereignty

Our Native American voices are being drowned out, and here’s why: the growing number of noncitizens in the U.S. is changing how we count and who counts in our democracy. This is a big deal for us, especially in places like Arizona where many Native Americans live.

Imagine this: states with lots of illegal immigrants are getting more power. They get more seats in Congress. This means they get a bigger say in how the whole country is run. What about us? Our tribal nations, with a population that grew from 5.2 million to 9.7 million, are not getting the representation we deserve. Our voices in decisions that affect our way of life are weakening.

Replacement Theory is Real – For Native People 

It’s not just a number game. It’s about fairness. Our ancestors fought for our rights; now, it’s our turn to fight for our children’s future. States are gaining extra power because they have more noncitizens, and they are not doing anything to stop or slow it down. Liberal Governor Katie Hobbs of Arizona vetoed the Arizona Border Invasion Act (SB 1231), which aimed to create a state crime of illegal immigration. And, as of June 2023, FAIR estimates that approximately 16.8 million illegal aliens reside in the United States. 

Conservative lawmakers are noticing this. They want to change the rules so that only American citizens are counted in the census. This would mean that our political representation would be based on actual citizens, not just anyone who in our our land – how about that? 


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This is about our sovereignty, our rights, and our future. We must ensure that our growing Indigenous population is fairly represented and that our voices are not overshadowed by those who should not influence our elections. 

What Can We Do? 

Let’s stand together to protect the voice of our tribal nations—for our sovereignty, our preservation, and the future of our Native American communities. Let’s continue working with Congress and other lawmakers to ensure our voices are heard. 


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