NASP Stands with Lani Dawn and Jewish Sovereignty

NASP Stands with Lani Dawn and Jewish Sovereignty

Tribal sovereignty is the backbone of our identity. It’s our right to govern ourselves, maintain our culture, and control our lands. This principle is similar to the sovereignty that protects the Jewish people, showing a deep connection between Native Americans and Jews, stretching back through history.

In the 19th century, treaties were signed with the U.S. government, recognizing our lands and our rights to govern them. These treaties are active promises supporting our sovereignty. Examples like the Fort Laramie Treaty of 1868 affirmed the territorial rights of the Lakota people and set precedents for many other tribes. Today, we must remember and demand these rights be respected and upheld. We are not alone in our struggles. Jewish people have faced similar challenges in preserving their identity and rights, particularly in their ancestral homeland, Israel.

Historical events, like the Iraqi Farhud in 1941, where 180 Jews were killed, and the ethnic cleansing that pushed Jewish people out of Muslim nations underscore the severe impacts of denying sovereignty. The continuous immigration of Yemeni Jews to Israel in 1790, 1890, and 1920 due to persecution further highlights the longstanding challenges faced by Jewish communities and the importance of safety and security for Jews, both historically and in the current climate.

“Free Palestine” is not an Indigenous liberation movement. Hamas, which is designated as a terrorist organization by several countries, including the United States and the European Union, has been known to strike first in various conflicts with Israel. They have taken hostages in the past and have hostages now. Furthermore, numerous reports, including those from the United Nations and other international bodies, have documented that Hamas has placed military infrastructure such as bunkers and rocket launch sites within civilian areas, including schools and hospitals, which is a violation of international law.


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A “Free Palestine” does not allow homosexuality and has a poor record on women’s rights. Homosexuality is illegal under Hamas rule, and those identified as LGBT can face severe punishment. Women’s rights are also significantly restricted, with stringent regulations on dress and public behavior and limited roles in political and social spheres.

Today, there is an urgent need to reinforce our sovereignty. We must control our resources, govern our lands, and preserve our cultures against ongoing threats. Just as Jewish people have maintained their cultural and ancestral connections to Israel, we, too, must safeguard our heritage. Furthermore, individuals like Lani Dawn, who is MHA ~ Hidatsa & Sahnish, Lakota, and Jewish, exemplify the strength in reclaiming and celebrating our identities and pushing back pro-Hamas Antisemitism encampments on college campuses. Lani’s voice echoes the experiences of many Native peoples — it’s a testament to resilience amidst the challenges posed by history’s dark chapters of colonization and displacement.

Our academic institutions often promote a globalist agenda that can undermine the importance of individual, national and tribal sovereignty. It is crucial to support voices like Lani‘s that encourage educational institutions to respect and teach the actual histories of Indigenous and Jewish people. The support between Native tribes and the Jewish community has a profound basis, as well as our shared experiences, mutual respect, recognition of sovereignty, and return to our homeland. We must continue to stand with our Jewish relatives to fight against the dangers of antisemitism and the erosion of the Hebrew Nation.

Let us be united in our efforts to protect our lands, people, and futures. Let there be light in our shared path forward, illuminating the bonds between our communities and our rights to self-determination.

Let us be clear: NASP Supports the Sovereign State of Israel, NASP Stands with Lani Dawn, and NASP Will Never Support the Free Palestine Antisemitic globalist movement on college campuses.

Together, we will ensure the light of sovereignty never dims for Native Americans or our Jewish relatives.


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